Visual identities
for motivated athletes

Elevate your brand with a killer logo!

A constant visual presence increases
the recognition value of your brand!

Why should you care?

Why should you have a personal branding as a professional athlete?

especially in the extreme sports sector, as a professional you are more than just an athlete. You are a role model! There are fans who are not only inspired by your athletic skills, but also by your lifestyle, your choice of products, etc..

You are the brand already!

A brand that works and has a growing number of followers. But how can we scale this brand beyond the followers and make it more profitable?

Push your brand!

We do that with a visual identity. With the help of a logo and fixed rules how to use it consistently on different media, we increase your recognition value. Thanks to your existing followers, your brand will also be more easily communicated to the outside world.

Check out the brand new identity for Dennis Schrötter

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How i can help you

Brand Identity

Together we’ll figure out how to visualize your Brands voice.

Brand Guide

Consistency in the brand is important. So that everyone who works with your materials knows how to use your brand elements correctly, we create a guide that includes all the necessary information.

Files and Templates

Templates for various media and applications that you can use at any time